Mar 03

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Today I’m linking up with A Mama Collective and Home Away From Home for another Currently post.


A Mama Collective


Thinking about:

I’m thinking about my bathroom, or lack of one. We are in the middle of a bathroom remodel that has gone completely sideways. I figured we would just replace the linoleum, paint the walls, and put in a new vanity. No. The toilet is gone there are holes in the ceiling and the wall. Half of the tiles around the sink are gone. I have no idea when it will be done. Oh yeah, did I mention we live in a one bathroom apartment? Thank goodness there is a CVS three blocks away.


My Kindle lending library book for the month is Dead Is the New Black by CD Reiss.  It is a mystery set in the fashion industry, which is neat because it gives some insight into the business of fashion. One of the reasons I choose this book was that the very first line in the book description stated that the book was “completely smut and sex-free” which is nice because I’m here to read a mystery not a romance novel.

Listening to: 

Happy by Pharrell Williams. Its a fun song and it seems to be everywhere.


Joe and I ended up watching the Oscars. I didn’t expect to watch it (the only nominated movies I saw this year were cartoons) but it was a fun time. I really liked Matthew Mcconaughey’s speech.

Thankful for:
I’m thankful for indoor plumbing. I am so thankful for indoor plumbing. But I actually want to write about my little L. She will be 6 months on Thursday and she is the sweetest baby ever. She always has a big smile on her face for whoever she sees.

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  1. Sarah

    6 months is probably my favorite age :) SO sweet.
    I can’t believe you are making do with a CVS bathroom!!! Ack!!! I think I just sort of assume any repair or remodel or DIY will be fifty times more involved than I think, so I just don’t even start. Ha. Hope you get your bathroom back soon!!!

    1. Diana

      We have a toilet now! Just no sink, shower, floor, or door.

  2. Emily @ Em's Estuary

    I love MM’s speech too. He’s such a character.
    Oh my word – when will the bathroom be done?
    And talk on about any baby. Sigh. Six months is so fun!
    Emily @ Em’s Estuary recently posted…Shrove (Fat) Tuesday Veil GiveawayMy Profile

  3. Jenna // A Mama Collective

    My baby girl is sixth months too! I absolutely love this age and beyond. They become SO much fun. I’m so sorry to hear about your bathroom! That’s awful :( I haven’t gotten to watch the Oscars… but I can’t wait to finally watch it soon! Thanks so much for linking up with us again :) ~Jenna // A Mama Collective
    Jenna // A Mama Collective recently posted…I’m a Better Mother Than YouMy Profile

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